Movement Therapist Workshops

Join Jacob and Erwann chiropractor and osteopath as they share their unique enriching approach to functional anatomy.

Jacob and Erwann have combined their affinity for movement with their intricate understanding of the body, to bring you these inspiring workshops. The intention is to provide you with new tools that will enhance and re-primal your anatomy repertoire.

After years observing teachers, therapists and their clients, we recognised  our capacity to bridge the gap between current scientific knowledge and the secular potentially limited understanding of many.




This series of workshops has been designed to up-skill, educate and inspire movement therapist in their understanding of relevant applied anatomy and physiology.It will provide over 80 hours of anatomical tuition, which will leave the participants in a position of being able to interact confidently and knowledgeably with the client and also his peers and other related professionals.

The workshops have been divided into five functional entities, which will be explored through audio visual, interactive discussions, and practical sessions.


“The course was presented with great integrity and respect. The experience and knowledge of both Erwann and Jake is so evident and their enthusiasm for the body moving is inspiring. I loved the input from the participants and how the whole day evolved in a relaxed manner which helped the learning and integration of the knowledge into a bodily knowing, too.” – Brigitta

I cannot fault anything on the course and feel it was worth every cent paid to attend. It is especially great that you are all involved in movement/yoga and that the lecture was conveyed from a personal experience perspective and not just from a specialist based on knowledge. The manner in which you got a random group of people so connected so early on was also hugely appreciated. Thank you for a great week-end course.” – Cindy