IMG_9759Coming from a flying doctor Dad and a consciously enquiring Mom, Erwann has been exposed to concepts of health wellbeing and trans-cultural imprints for a very long time. Trained as a physiotherapist he then moved to osteoapthy and was quickly inspired to explore the movement world not only through the scope of bodywork, but also as a self-discipline for the last 20 years. Erwann Fabre is a qualified yoga teacher and facilitator at CFPCO in Paris. After much global exploration Erwann is now happily settled in South Africa, and is currently practicing with a pool of integrative medicine practitioners in Kloof Street, Cape Town.


Mathieu Schlachet is an Osteopath and official Wim Hof Method instructor. He found and director of the CFPCO ( www.cfpco.fr ) an advanced Osteopathic training school in Paris, which has inspired Osteopaths to continue to upgrade their skills and continue to look at their work from new perspectives.

His personal passion lies within the art of movement, breath and engaging with nature in ways that activate ones most heightened state of awareness.



13692820_10153939679006032_7575299037618219003_o 2Fascinated by movement from an early age Jacob practiced gymnastics, yoga and martial arts. He studied chiropractic and graduated in 2000. He has continued his personal physical practice weaving threads of motor control and an eclectic postgrad exploration of bodywork systems (fascial manipulation, craniosacral therapy) into an integrative view of all things “body”. He has been in private practice since 2000 and has worked internationally as a movement therapist and a bodyworker. He lives happily in a little valley in deepest darkest KwaZulu Natal with his partner and daughters.